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fuckin' fag

your mom is gay

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no one fucking cares
25 February
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i write in here for myself, its for my own venting and writing, so if you dont like it dont read it:)

myemptywords is my journal for my poetry and lyrics


uhm i produce my own techno tracks
mostly drum n bass, but some others
i spin hard house n booty house
im gay
boys suck
i hate wisconsin
im a closeted emo

piercings are hotttttt
12 rounds, ak1200, alec empire, alex peace, antiloop, aphrodite, atb, bad boy bill, battery, becoming a dj, being bootylicious, bi ravers, bis, bjork, bjork remixes, body piercings, boys, busta rhymes, carebears, carl cox, club 5, crying, crystal method, cute bois, cute hair, daft punk, dancing, darude, deelite, deepstar, diva d, dj bam bam, dj dara, dj encore, dj funk, dj irene, dj keoki, dj krust, dj lenny ray, dj promo, dj spooky, dj venom, dj xtc, doormouse, drum and bass, eminem, frankie bones, fruity loops, funker vogt, gabber, gay clubs, gay ravers, good dancers, goodwill, groove, happy hardcore, hard house, hello kitty, hot topic, house music, jodiemalodie, john digweed, juarez, jungle music, jungle remixes, justin timberlake, kandy raver boys, kandy ravers, kittie, kmfdm, lil' kim, liquid dancing, liquid kids, lords of acid, love, mad planet, madkid, making kandy, making mix cds, making music, mars music, mc abel, menomonee falls, milwaukee, mindless self indulgence, miss hollie, miss jane, moby, new order, nine inch nails, partie kids, paul anthony, paul frank, paul oakenfold, paul van dyke, peace bisquit, peaches, people dancing, phantom 45, phat bass lines, piercings, pink stuff, plur, poetry, poogie bear, povi, powerpuff girls, prodigy, rabbit in the moon, rave culture, raver boys, ravers, raves, razed in black, robert armani, roll out, sampleing, sneaker pimps, spinning, staind, star stickers, stars, starship, static-x, tapping the vein, tare panda, techno, the basement, the broken heart's club, thrift stores, tool, tori amos, tori amos remixes, trance, trixxy, turntables, twilight sleep, veggie subs, vocal samples, warp brothers, watching ravers dance, webcams, wisconsin, writing, you're pretty

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